ANGELA LACHOWSKI, Ph.D., C.Psych (Supervised Practice)


Sleep, Stress, Women’s Health Concerns, Anxiety and Depression

Angela Lachowski completed her undergraduate degree from Western University and her Master’s degree from Ryerson University, where she is currently in the final stage of her PhD in Clinical Psychology.  She has been trained clinically in a variety of placements, including St. Michael’s Family Health Department (Psychology Clinic), the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (Serious Mental Illness Unit), and St. Joseph’s Healthcare, Hamilton (Mood Disorders, Personality, and Women’s Health Concerns units).  She also specializes clinically in the treatment of insomnia; she is currently the senior graduate student at the Sleep and Depression Laboratory at Ryerson, where she treats clients with complaints of insomnia and depression.

Angela is primarily a cognitive behavioural therapist who helps her clients identify and change maladaptive thought and behaviour patterns that are contributing to their current distress or poor functioning.  She believes that building a safe, trusting, collaborative relationship with clients is the cornerstone to successful therapy.  She concentrates strongly on creating an open, non-judgmental environment that promotes client growth and self exploration.

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