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Committed intimate relationships can provide us friendship, physical and emotional intimacy, support, partnership in parenting, financial stability, and unconditional love. Ultimately, a healthy relationship has the potential to bring us greater joy, contentment, and improved health. On the other hand, unhealthy relationships can sabotage our happiness, well-being, and satisfaction with our partner and life. That’s why working on and nurturing our relationships is so important.


We each bring to our relationships a mixture of strengths and weaknesses. Our personal experiences and what we witnessed growing up in our own parents’ marriage and relationships can profoundly affect the relationship skills we develop. Then, when we enter a relationship, the combination of our skills and those of our partner serve to create a complex dynamic in terms of the way we interact with and respond to, one another.

Some of us are fortunate to have developed solid relationship skills and to meet someone with similar abilities, needs, and expectations. Although no relationship is perfect, this can result in a more harmonious union. Most of us, however, maneuver through the ups and downs of our relationships without having ever learned some of these skills. This, in turn, can lead to increased risk of conflict, anger, and resentment.

At The Clinic, our couples therapy will help you strengthen your relationship through a foundation of effective communication, honesty, understanding, respect, compromise, and patience. Our experienced marriage and couples therapists will help you develop practical relationship skills to form a stronger, more loving, and satisfying relationship.

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Our relationships are also profoundly affected by our beliefs about relationships, perceptions of our partner’s intent, and patterns we’ve developed as a result of previous relationships or traumatic experiences.

We receive numerous messages about marriage and relationships from the time we’re young. What we hear from family, our spiritual community, school, friends, and the media all impact our beliefs and patterns. Some of these messages may be accurate or useful.

However, just as often, they’re inaccurate, unhelpful, and may negatively affect the way we perceive ourselves, our partners, and our relationships. As a result, the awareness of the positive qualities that initially attracted us to our partner may become diminished. These are exchanged for a focus on imperfections and can lead to overly negative perceptions about our partner or relationship.

At The Clinic, our relationship and marriage therapists can help you uncover the factors negatively impacting your relationship. You’ll also develop healthier beliefs and habits. Through couples therapy, you’ll come to recognize and understand the expectations and habits that interfere with your intimacy and satisfaction. You’ll then be able to replace those with healthier beliefs and habits that bring you and your partner closer. This will lead to a deeper bond and a more meaningful relationship.

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Couples Counseling in Toronto at any Stage

Often, couples wait for significant problems to develop before they seek help. For many couples, their issues go unresolved for months or even years. Eventually, those problems erode their relationship until it reaches its breaking point.

That’s why we recommend that couples seek counseling early on when issues arise, so they don’t have time to fester. This can prevent differences and misunderstandings from developing into more serious conflict and problems.

The Clinic has an experienced team of multi-disciplinary relationship and marriage therapists that provide counseling at any stage of your relationship. We can help you with pre-marital counseling or through life-changing decisions, such as starting a family. Our couples therapy can also help you develop more intimacy or address the problems you’re experiencing.

Our couples counseling in Toronto also helps individuals or couples who are considering ending their relationship. For many, this can be a tough decision and process. Our therapists can help guide and support you through your decision and ease you through this significant transition.

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