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How to emotionally prepare for winter:


It’s the time of year when the weather goes from a little uncomfortable and straight into the harsh cold of our great Canadian winters.

But it’s easy to forget that there’s a lot to look forward to in the winter months! And this is part of why we can become emotionally drained and worn out by winter’s end.

It’s so important to mentally prepare ourselves for the darkest days of the year. Winter is coming, and so it’s our duty to emotionally ready ourselves.

Here are five simple ways to help mentally prepare for the upcoming winter months:

Invest in yourself this winter

Making the proper investments into you this year can make a big difference in your mood. Find things that can assist your routine and make your life a little brighter. Get yourself a warm jacket that you love, and which reflects your sense of style. Invest in a pair of boots that will keep your feet warm and dry. Nothing sets the day off worse than wet socks and slushy ankles.

We realize this can be a financially challenging time of year, but if you make your wellbeing a priority, the repercussions will be positive! Treat yourself. Maybe even buy a few books to hibernate in until the spring arrives.

Get into the festive spirit

If it’s possible, try getting into the festive spirit of the holidays! Unfortunately, the holidays can be a specifically emotionally challenging time of the year for a lot of us. But if you can fathom the idea of getting excited about the joy of the holiday season, why not run with it? It can be easy to fall into the groupthink excitement of the season, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Decorate a tree, sip some hot chocolate and get out the Christmas movies.

If, however, you don’t have a holiday to celebrate or you have an emotionally negative association with the season, try making your own winter traditions with the people you love. There are no rules, so try getting creative. Celebrate in your own way with the people you want to be around.

Schedule in fun activities

Make time for a weekly activity that you enjoy! Maybe it can be winter fun activity of some kind, but not necessarily. Sign up for a class that you’ve always wanted to take, as long as it’s low stress. Downhill skiing is really fun, and a lot of cities have at least one hill people can learn on. Cooking classes are also a great way to have fun and meet new people all while staying indoors (which is sometimes key).

Spend time with people you love

With work and responsibility, it can be easy to let our emotional priorities slide. It’s easy to make our priorities the things that stress us out instead of the people we love. But it’s so important that we take the time during these bleak winter months to spend time with the people who make us the happiest. They’re the real priorities this holiday season, and it’s always nice when someone reminds you of how important you are to them. Try seeing your best friend at least once a week, or more if you can make it work. See your family regularly and make the effort to set aside some time with your spouse. 

Eat healthily and deliciously

Comfort foods can make all the difference in your day. A beautiful bowl of vegetarian chilli is sometimes all the soul needs to recuperate after a long day at work. With a little bit of planning, eating healthily can be delicious too! Try to find the time to make healthy homemade meals whenever you can. It can make all the difference in your mood and your energy levels. Get excited about making something new! Being creative with food can be really fun.

Follow this list as a fun guide to ensure you’re mentally prepared for winter. There’s also no reason you can’t take advantage of all the fun and exciting elements the season has to offer.

It can be challenging to make your emotional health and mental wellbeing a priority. We have so much on the go at all times, that sometimes it’s easy to ignore our mood and what we require emotionally. The healthcare professionals at The Clinic On Dupont are here to help.

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Posted December 02, 2016
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