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The Clinic on Dupont Toronto

The Clinic's History

Katz, Randy

The year was 1998, and Dr. Randy Katz stood with his friends Ken and Amy on the sidewalk in front of 101 Dupont, surveying the townhouse he had recently bought.

They looked at him expectantly. “Well, what are you going to do with it?” “I’m going to build a clinic.
Ken tilted his head quizzically. “What’s a clinic?
Randy smiled. “I don’t know yet. We’ll see.

It was a fair question to ask in Toronto in 1998, when accessing private, interdisciplinary psychological services within a single building was an entirely novel, and even radical, concept. The townhouse at 101 Dupont – with its shaded porch, bay windows and Victorian gable that blends seamlessly into the residential neighbourhood – was at that time a far cry from the institutional settings of the other mental health treatment centers available.

The Clinic on Dupont developed out of Randy’s expertise in clinical psychology and his vision of integrated, customizable treatment services. He wanted a clinic that offered an exceptional standard of best practice care within a modern setting that felt as welcoming as walking into someone’s living room. Randy’s gregarious personality, intellectual curiosity, and unique style has infused everything about the clinic from the start, from the warm and personal way we interact with each client, to the varied therapeutic approaches and styles we offer, to the carefully chosen modern and contemporary art that hangs on our walls.

The Idea Behind The Clinic On Dupont

The idea for the clinic was inspired by Randy’s time completing his postdoctoral research in the United Kingdom, where he encountered a version of this treatment model and was compelled by its possibilities. His vision has evolved with the clinic itself, which he says has grown to encompass a wider range of clinical specialities and treatment modalities than he could have imagined when he first opened its doors in 1998. Over the years, Randy has thoughtfully built a team of qualified, dynamic clinicians with varied and complementary expertise. As the team grew, the clinic’s primary focus on anxiety, depression, and stress broadened to include addictions, eating disorders, couples therapy, children’s mental health, neuropsychological assessment, psychosis, insomnia, career coaching and many other areas. We know that clients and their families often have multiple issues that they want to address, and we are proud to be able to offer integrated treatment under one roof.
From its first day, what has truly set the clinic apart is its dedicated team of clinicians guided by Randy’s leadership and trailblazing spirit. We are united by our passion for the work we do, our collaborative ethos, our dedication to evidence-based treatment, and our commitment to helping our clients build healthier and happier lives. What began as a single office on the first floor of 101 Dupont in 1998 has transformed into a practice with 35 active clinicians and four administrative staff that occupy all of the original building and the entirety of 99 Dupont next door. We all feel privileged to not only do what we love every day, but to work with the brave and resilient clients who put their trust in us to help them on their journey toward health and well-being.

The view from the sidewalk in front of 101 Dupont is a little different than it was in 1998 – the trees are bigger, the neighbourhood is more vibrant, and many more people make their way up and down our front steps each day. What has stayed the same is our commitment to providing an exceptional standard of clinical care and to remaining open to the exciting possibilities that Randy’s concept of “a clinic” continues to offer us and our clients.

The Clinic on Dupont - Psychology clinic in Toronto

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