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Negotiating a career or life transition can be an overwhelming process, and accessing support to plan for and manage these transitions can optimize the chance of a successful outcome. Life transitions can include major life events, such as postsecondary adjustments, marriage and family planning, moving, and preparing for retirement, but can also incorporate lifestyle goals around wellness and fitness, interpersonal goals, and improving overall life satisfaction and happiness. Setting achievable, small goals in line with a clear, overarching vision can make the process of creating meaningful changes not only manageable, but enjoyable.

Most people change jobs multiple times over the course of a lifetime, which means that a conscientious, holistic approach to career planning and development is important to both short-term and long-term success. Whether an individual is entering the workforce for the first time, returning after a maternity, medical or other absence, or looking for a career change, it can be helpful to work with a coach to explore how one’s unique personality, values, strengths, experiences and interests align with options for employment. At The Clinic on Dupont, we offer life and career coaching to support our clients in making the changes needed to fulfill their personal and professional goals.

Are you looking for help with your life transitions? Our Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) professionals are here for you. Call us at (416) 515-2649 to speak with one of our psychologists.

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What is a life transition?

A life transition is an event or period that often is life-changing. Sometimes life transitions are by choice; other times they’re something over which we have little, if any, control. Therefore, life transitions may be positive, negative, or neutral.

How can a career change coach help me?

At The Clinic on Dupont, our career change coaches can help you identify your natural talents and abilities and better understand your personality and work style. Your coach can also help you explore interests and career paths that might be a good fit for you.

If your career change requires additional training or education, your career change coach can help you to stay on track. Your coach can also advise you on your job search and support you as you transition to a new career.

What type of life transitions do people commonly seek counselling for?

People may seek counselling or coaching for any life transition. Common life-changing events include relocation, job loss, career change, retirement, the birth of a child, becoming an empty nester, death of a loved one, marriage, divorce, health changes, and physical or mental disability. There are numerous other life-changing events for which you may benefit from life transitions therapy or a coach as well.

How do life transitions affect people's lives?

Life transitions can feel overwhelming, even when you choose or desire the change. Positive life changes also often come with trade-offs, which may cause stress or require adjustment.

Other life transitions are thrust upon us, leaving us with a sense of loss and grief. When this occurs, not only are you faced with adjusting to change. You may also have to come to terms with feelings of sadness, stress, fear, or anger over your loss.

At The Clinic on Dupont, we’ll help you adjust to your life changes and move beyond difficulties so you can experience a happy, fulfilling life.

What are the signs of difficulty adjusting to a life transition?

If you experience trouble sleeping, changes in eating habits, headaches, fatigue, stress, anxiety, depression, or increased substance use, you may be having difficulty adjusting to a life change.

Is difficulty adjusting to life transitions a disorder?

Most life transitions require some degree of adjustment, which doesn’t necessarily indicate an adjustment disorder.

However, if you’re having difficulty coping with a life change, you may be suffering from an adjustment disorder. Symptoms of an adjustment disorder usually begin within three months of a significant life change. If you feel anxious, depressed, or overwhelmed by stress, you may be experiencing symptoms of an adjustment disorder. Also, loss of interest in activities, difficulty managing normal daily responsibilities, and panic attacks, may be indicators.

What methods are used in life transitions therapy?

The psychotherapeutic methods used by our multi-disciplinary therapists may depend on several factors. These include the type of life change you’re going through, the level of difficulty you’re experiencing in adjusting, and whether or not it qualifies as an adjustment disorder.

Most often, our results-oriented therapists use one or more of the following evidence-based methods for helping our clients with life transitions: cognitive behavioural therapy, interpersonal therapy, or coaching.

How long does life transitions counselling take?

The number of sessions needed for career coaching and life transitions therapy varies from individual-to-individual.

If you’re looking for a career change coach, you may need only a few sessions. However, some clients prefer and benefit from longer-term coaching.

Life change therapy for trouble coping with a major life transition may require several weeks of treatment.

What signs indicate a child is having difficulty with a life transition?

Your child may be having difficulty adjusting to a life change if he or she seems anxious or depressed. Other signs include headaches or stomachaches, trouble sleeping, declining grades, difficulty maintaining friendships, or behaviour problems.

What therapies are used in life transitions counselling for children and adolescents?

Life change therapy for children and adolescents consists of proven methods such as cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and/or family psychotherapy.

Through CBT, your child will develop skills that improve his or her ability to cope. These skills include communication, problem-solving, stress management, anger management, and impulse control.

Family therapy can also benefit your child by improving communication, interactions, and support for your child within your family.

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